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logo derbyDerby is a Netherlands family business that brings with much love for there craftsmanship handmade leather jodphurs and riding-boots on the international market. The old-fashioned shoe workshop works with well trained employees who all well understand the profession of the work wich they perform.

The best of the best choose for Derby riding boots, because they not only fit great but also because they walk comfortable. 
Especially with the horsemans and amazones who work at the top is the brand well loved, because it fulfils to there demands.

Most of the time the riders and there indispensable grooms where they riding boots the whole day, because in many cases they have to ride more then one horse. That's why it's important that the riding boots fits seamless like a second skin on there feet and legs.


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In the past, the most important quality of a riding boot was its fit, but nowadays it has also become a fashion item. It is important that the rider's boots and clothes match well. That is why Derby only purchases the highest quality leather, the finest patent leather varieties and the trendiest colours. This, together with our 100% Dutch craftsmanship, ensures you that you will not only wear beautiful, trendy boots, but also boots of the highest quality .


Jodphur boots

Jodphur boots, also called riding shoes, are manufactured from the same leather as the long riding boots. For the sake of convenience, they are often worn in combination with chaps. Jodphur boots from Derby are exclusively made from full grain leather or calf leather. The heel slants a little enabling the rider a good grip in the stirrup. Do not hesitate to contact us because you can have jodhpur boots made to custom.



Chaps are worn around the lower leg with jodphur boots. Luxury gaiters which, in combination with nice jodphur boots, look like riding boots are also available. It goes without saying that for the chaps as well the finest leather is used by Derby and the chaps can also be made in accordance with your wishes.



Derby has all the required accessories in their assortment. For instance;
- Shoe Cream and boot stretchers
- Luxury carrier bags and matching spur straps
- Belts in matching colours

Derby riding boots - Industriepark 16 - 5374 CM Schaijk - Nederland - T: +31 486 461644 - F: +31 486 463700